Location: Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Ultimo Centre, Harris St, Ultimo


[1] _derivations Improvisation for Tenor Saxophone and Interactive Performance System

Benjamin Carey

[2] Live Coding Improvisation

Renick Bell

[3] Alignment Improvised Gestural Performance

Mary Mainsbridge

[4] Sound Stream

Andrew Johnston, Linda Walsh (oboe)

[5] Improvising Consciousness The Davian Turn: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Devin Wilson

INTERVAL (10 minutes)

[6] Audio Arc Audio-Spatial Game Using Mobile Phone Ringtones

Jonathan Duckworth, Jennifer Lade

[7] I & I New Piece for the AirSticks – Interface for Electronic Percussionists

Alon Ilsar, Mark Havryliv, Andrew Johnston

[8] Backgammon Oliver Bown, Aengus Martin.

[9] Line studies No. 1 for piano and computer

David Kim-Boyle

[10] Flow Forms Bill Hsu (interactive animation), Laura Altman (clarinet), Monica Brooks (accordion)

[11] Breath Resonance for Bass Clarinet and Interactive ElectroacousticsJon Drummond, Ros Dunlop (bass clarinet)