Airport Train & Taxis

There is a train line from the airport to the centre of the city, that is fairly fast, although quite expensive per person. It can be cheaper to take a taxi if there is more than one person travelling, and even where only one person is travelling it is reasonably similar in price.

Details are available at

Sydney Rail

The rail network is easily navigated from the central information website, which is also the phone number for information. The central railway station is the station closest to the conference venue (UTS) and is also the largest railway station on the rail network. Trains run to the city and stop at Circular Quay for the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Australia & New Zealand Power

Australia uses 240V AC power with 2- or 3-pronged (earthed) plugs. Most power supplies for computers handle a voltage range of 110-240V so you only require a plug converter (pictured) but PLEASE CHECK YOURS. THIS INFORMATION WILL BE WRITTEN ON THE POWER SUPPLY.

mains power plug universal AC power plug